Our Process


Inspiration is everywhere - you just have to look for it. When you find it, grab hold of it and make something great. This is how art comes into the world.

Inspiration is where it all begins. Every sofa, every home theater recliner, every pillow - they all find their initial conception in an idea.

We find inspiration in a multitude of ways. From 15th century British armor to restored Spanish architecture, and opulent Georgian era homes, you'll find all kinds of design inspiration in our pieces, and fascinating details awaiting an appreciative owner.

Design & Prototyping

Not only do we create exclusive designs, but we also design the structure & frames, finishing, color choices...everything that goes into each piece. Every aspect of every piece has been designed from the ground-up to be unique, beautiful, and functional. Our design process starts by pulling together sources of inspiration from our international travels, experience, and research, then creating sketches and mockups to give life to his ideas. Each piece communicates our core values and design principles. These include:
  • SCALE: A furniture design should fit the human form. Many designers miss the mark on this point, creating designs which, though beautiful, are uncomfortable to live in. We pride ourselves on understanding the human scale.
  • GRACE: One of the elements that takes furniture into the realm of sculpture. This is the difficult-to-define characteristic of an artist who is fluent in the visual language. Each surface on the piece should flow into the others with an effortless fluidity, causing a marriage of form and function.
  • FUNCTION: As important as Scale & Grace are, a piece of furniture must also function well. It must fit into your lifestyle, be able to take a beating, have a durable exterior surface, be able to sustain weight & use, and have a solid frame. We find immense pleasure in creating a marriage of form & function.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

Sourcing is the process of finding the best vendors from which to purchase supplies, such as leather, linen, wood, brass, thread, glue, nails, boxes, and so forth. First we look for the highest quality products available, then use our industry contacts to get competitive pricing. This is a big part of how we can offer such outstanding value for the consumer.


We have successfully reinvented the wheel on this one. As a company, we bent our wills to the task of designing a new way to ship furniture. The result? We can ship anywhere in the world incredibly quickly - and for one-third the cost of our competitors. Every product we sell fits perfectly into one of a select few types of FedEx shipping box. The boxes are chosen because they, in turn, fit perfectly into a large cargo container. The end result is that we get dramatically lower shipping rates, our products use less fuel to transport, and they move through the shipping process quickly. Sometimes a simple 1/4 inch change in the way a frame is constructed will allow us to fit more sofas into a shipping container, which then means lower shipping costs for us. Above all else, this is the single biggest way we can offer furnishings of the absolute highest caliber, but at prices that are lower than other manufacturers'. Consumer shipments purchased through our resellers are shipped via FedEx or UPS.

After Delivery

You should have received a Care & Cleaning card in the box with your new furniture. It contains  instructions for you. Also, we encourage you to call us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. We love talking with our customers, and value your feedback.

Make sure to Register your purchase and if you have any Customer Support needs, feel free to call or email us and we will make sure to take care of you!

If properly cared for,  Opulence Home leather furniture will beautify with age as it develops a unique luster and softness. Our furniture is designed and created to become cherished family heirlooms.

This is our highest goal: to give your family furniture which becomes the favorite seat in the house, and gets passed down generation to generation.