Distressed Leather

Are you possibly choosing a leather with no personality, depth or sense of history or do you want the worn and comfortable, old-money veneer of chairs that were made to last generations?

These chairs deserves to star or center stage in the living room, to be the focal point of  your decor style.

The uneven hues of the cushions, arms and backs add up to an invitation to take refuge on the chair. To further your comfort, place your legs on the ottoman and relax.


How we do it…the process:


We move the chair after being carefully built and crafted by hand to another work station where we spray the leather with rubbing alcohol and let it dry; then repeat two or three times. We then wipe down the chair to remove dust and grit and spray it with alcohol again, drying it within a heat chamber so we can gauge the degree of fade quickly. We repeat the alcohol and blow-dry step one or two more times until the chair is worn to perfection. At that point, the chair is moved to another station for sealing with a special solution that protects the finish and adds luster.


Nothing can compare to our distressed, old, leather, vintage style club chair’s to include warmth and character to a room.